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GPD XD Firmwares: Legacy Rom, Droix FW, and Stock Firmware

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Many of you are worried that you have received a bad XD and want to know why the left hinge is loose or rattling. I made this video very quickly and just wanted to assure you that nothing is wrong with it. At the end of the video I even added a fix for it if it really bothers you that much. The only problem is you will have to remove the screen ribbon and put it back again. That is probably the most annoying task to the dissasembly/assembly of the GPD XD or GPD XD+.

I hope this helps ease you.

CleanROM Bootanimation v01


I am doing my best to finish up with everything behind the curtain. The site is almost done as far as functionality. I will probably work on theming it a bit more to fix formatting and just the overall feel for it. Once completed then I can maybe go back to making guides and tutorial videos to start populating it. My hope is that once the site is up and running, everyone will contribute as far as tutorials, recommendations, configuration shares, and just anything related to the GPD line of devices.

I know it is slow but please bear with me. 

Test Tutorial 3

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