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This is not a tutorial or a guide. This is just something I found that works for the black screen issue (for me). The only thing I can say is that it works for the GPD XD Plus on my 4k TV.

For those of you that are more tech savy and have a full explanation as to why the XD Plus acts up, please let me know. Anyone that finds other ways to remedy this, please let me know in the comments.

Some of you have been having trouble finding the answer to this problem for a while now. This video will help you figure out what model XD Plus you have. I should include that there have been some hardware changes that have not really changed the performance of the GPD XD Plus. This video is for the people that are afraid of getting the 2018 model ( black case ) because it is more prone to breaking at the hinge.

In 2018 the GPD XD Plus was released and it had a vulnerability. The case tends to break at the hinge. This could be because the plastic is too weak or because the hinge was assembled too tight, or it could be a combination of both. I believe it has to do with the hinge only. If you are able to loosen the hinge then I think that your XD Plus will be fine.

In 2019 the newer case was released and I have only seen one case that had the hinge crack, but I strongly believe it is because the person had dropped it right on the hinge. So it seems that GPD fixed the problem.

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Many of you are worried that you have received a bad XD and want to know why the left hinge is loose or rattling. I made this video very quickly and just wanted to assure you that nothing is wrong with it. At the end of the video I even added a fix for it if it really bothers you that much. The only problem is you will have to remove the screen ribbon and put it back again. That is probably the most annoying task to the dissasembly/assembly of the GPD XD or GPD XD+.

I hope this helps ease you.

Sorry it took so long, but it is finally here! yay.

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