GPD Micro PC

GPD Announcement:

GPD New HK office

As you know we have set new office in HK, major function is for unit reparation, to avoid custom stucks because variety of reasons, also save a lot of time during shipment.
Now all express are available, the simple example that's unit from US to HK just need 3-5 days via DHL, 3-5 days for repairing, 3-5 days for shipping back, the means you can get your unit back just 15 days after you sent
So any problem you have, just contact us to get helping, in warranty period, free repairingand shipping back.(Except for man-made damage)

For all MicroPC/Win2 users:

Recently we got many feedback about MicroPC battery can't be charged, after analyze battery we found that's battery overcharge protection was triggered to cause charge function was locked. This question happened most on IGG batch, but not rule out subsequent batch. So here for all MicroPC user who had such issue that battery can't charged or detected, please contact @YYang in discord or send email to, you will get a brand new battery provide by GPD official.